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Home » » New pyramid found in Egypt

New pyramid found in Egypt

Wednesday, 12 November 2008 | 22:34 WIB

CAIRO, WEDNESDAY - A new pyramid is estimated to be 4,300 years old found in the excavation in the desert sands of Egypt. Is suspected pyramid tomb of Queen Sesheshet, ibunda Pharaoh King Teti is peletak the sixth dynasty of Egypt.

"This is probably the most complete secondary pyramid found in Saqqara," said Zahi Hawass, head of the Board of ancient Egypt (sca). The findings are the third piramod found in the main pyramid of Teti pyramid and the two were found in Saqqara throughout this year.

The archeologists found ruins of the pyramid under the sand on kedlama 7 meters. They succeeded in identifying and measuring the structure pondasinya that penutupnya wall slope angle of 51 degrees. With these estimates, the Egyptian archeologists can estimate that the higher the pyramid about 14 meters. While the broad pondasinya around 22 square meters.

Finding areas where the pyramid has never been dug before. The archeologists who have already digging in the area for 20 years does not think that the only overlay dikira sand that is the grave of a pyramid.

However, the thief is likely to predict the existence of the pyramid is mengatahui. Because, when found, have holes that may have made the thief to enter the tomb of Queen Sesheshet room to drain wealth.

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