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Home » » Did you have pyramid in Bosnia?

Did you have pyramid in Bosnia?

One of the valley in Bosnia has a triangular-shaped hill. Match pyramid. And the hill at 650 meters at the Visocica named former capital of Bosnia in the era before the first millennium, according to archeologists, the most likely man-made. Pyramid is not different from the pyramid in Egypt or the Maya temples or in Indonesia.

Theory that the hill is a man-made pyramid first appear Semir Osmanagic, archeologists are now leading the excavation team. Osmanagic, who for 15 years to learn pyramid in Latin America, believe that the hill is a simple fact of the pyramid.

"We can see, the surface is too flat," he said. "This is evidence that it is important that we discuss this is a pyramid." In addition, the direction of the hill is too right direction with the wind. Artificial nature can be very difficult setepat this. If true, this is the first pyramid found in mainland Europe.

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